Wichita Face Painter

Limo Bus Wichita is something of an expert when it comes to celebrating special events in the area. From the common events to the more unique, we've been there for them all! Our professionalism and fleet of premium vehicles allows us to be the first company that the locals call when they're in need of transportation! While it might seem a bit out of the ordinary to use this type of transportation for an event such as a children's birthday party, you'd be surprised to learn that this is a common event for us to provide service to. Maybe it's the magical color changing lights or the large television screens...but children are enamored by our awesome limousines and limo buses. They're perfect to transport the kids from point A to point B in an unforgettable fashion, or to act as the venue in and of itself. It's up to you how you'd like the party to go, but one thing is for certain...hiring a face painter is one of the absolute best ways to ensure that everybody has a great time!

First things first, it's worthy to note that face painters aren't just for children. People from all age groups enjoy the magical transformation that comes with a face full of painted designs by a professional. Teens love to snap selfies with the designs, children are able to use their imagination, and adults find it a lot of fun, too. When you're thinking of hiring a face painter for a party in Wichita, one of the first things you'll want to do is make a decision of exactly what you're looking for. If there will be a lot of children present, it might be better to focus on smaller designs so that everybody is able to be painted. However, you'll want to speak with each individual face painting service to get a better feel for how quickly they're able to paint faces and what their process is like. An experienced face painter will be glad to give you their professional insight on any questions or concerns you might have!

There are a few other things to consider when hiring a face painter. If you're having food at the party, it might be better to have the painting done after so it isn't potentially wiped off while eating. Similarly, you won't want a sticky face while being painted, so be certain that you're able to supply skin wipes if the face painter does not. While we're on the subject, we've certainly all heard horror stories of face painters using acrylic craft grade paint on the little ones faces. This is why it's extremely important to choose a service that operates professionally in every aspect! Be sure to inquire about insurance, safety precautions, and about the contract that should detail exactly what is expected from you. In the end, you and all of the attendees will have precious memories because of the priceless service that face painters are able to provide.