Get A Price Quote

Wichita Limo Bus has the best deals and getting a quote is easy! Just give us a call, or send an email, and let us know a few simple details about your event, we can give you a quote! The reason we don't post our rates on line, is because they vary by day/time of year, and change with market conditions, and we need some information from you to provide accurate pricing. For example, a Saturday during peak wedding season will be more expensive than a Monday during the "off-season" when things are slower.

If you're on a tight budget let us know so we can be sure to look into every possible option for you - such as if you're flexible on time or date (for example an afternoon pick up is less expensive than the evening and week days are cheaper than weekends). We understand some events aren't flexible, but you're planning a night out just for fun and want the lowest possible rate, try avoiding planning the event during the peak season of late spring-early summer.

When you call, let us know the date and time you'd like service, the city of pick up and drop off, as well as how many passengers you're expecting.Our agents are available 24/7 so give us a call any time to get your quote or make your reservation!