Wichita Wedding Limos

Wichita is a beautiful city, and has many gorgeous wedding venues. Churches, halls, hotels, and other venues provide picture perfect locations for weddings - something you surely take into consideration when choosing where your ceremony and reception will be held. You'll also take several factors into consideration when you choose your wedding gown, tuxes, cake, caterer, hair and makeup style, floral arrangements, bridesmaids gowns, and linens, just to name a few things. You'll want to apply this same careful consideration to the limousine or limo bus company you choose for your wedding day transportation. So just what things should you look for in a limo company?

When choosing your wedding limo or limo bus, you'll first want to consider the type of vehicle you want. Limousines are classic wedding transport, but did you know that a bus is much easier to get on and off and provides more space? This is important to consider if you or your bridesmaids will be wearing gowns with lots of tulle, as that can make it a bit harder to maneuver in and our of a limousine. You'll also want to consider the size vehicle, noting that limo buses come in much larger sizes. Next, what features do you want? TVs? Colorful lighting? Ice buckets for champagne? Will you want custom decor in and out of the vehicle? You'll want to make sure the company you choose has a good reputation for having clean vehicles and prompt service. You'll also want to be sure that there are no hidden fees - you have enough to worry about without a vendor tagging on last minute charges! Lastly, what time frame are you looking at? Simple pick up and drop off for the ceremony and photos? Or do you want an all-night shuttle to take guests home if they've had too much to drink?

When you take all of these factors into consideration, you'll find that Wichita Limo Bus covers every base. Our vehicles come in a variety of sizes so no matter if your wedding party as 10 or 40 people, we have a vehicle to accommodate you. Our vehicles have a wide array of features so you can set whatever mood you like with movies, music, or lighting, and there's plenty of space for drinks. We also maintain our fleet to ensure each vehicle is clean and in proper working order. We'll even decorate the vehicle with a "Just Married" message of your choosing. Beyond that, we always show up as scheduled and even strive to be early! We offer competitive rates to ensure that we have the most affordable prices and we simply do not believe in hidden fees. Finally, we operate 24/7 so we can accommodate any time frame you want to rent for!

Hundreds of brides and grooms have trusted Wichita Limo Bus for their wedding days, and we sincerely hope we can provide the same great services to you. Congratulations on your engagement! We hope to hear from you soon!